Baking Memories


About Me....

                    I'm a 33 year-old amateur cake decorator with no formal training at this time.

         So far I have done pretty well with my part time cake decorating.

I'm a full time mother of two and wife to a Marine that now works for the state of Utah.I started decorating cakes in Okinawa Japan December 2008 thanks to a good friend.

  My goal is to give you a cake that looks too good to eat.....too good to stop once you start .


Would also like to say "Thank You" to everyone for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow by making them cakes and being part of there special day.


Special Thanks too..


 Joshua L. Harris

 Coral B. Fife

 Roxanne Simpson

 Peggy & Richard Marcotte

Janice Y. Heller


 Erinn C. Parrish