Wedding/Anniversary Wedding/Anniversary 5 year Anniversary *Chocalate cake 86399224 Top (5 year Anniversary) 86399226 Beach Wedding in Florida 153337783 Peacock Cake Can you believe this is a Illusion Cake. The top tier is Cake for photos. 171251096 171251098 171251097 Something Old, Something New.... 179235188 Lime Green and Purple 162464876 162464877 Manti Glass Temple This was a 12th Birthday cake but I love the look for a wedding cake, so here it is :) 181592526 Olivia's Big Day 194183091 Love this cake Lace is made using sugar Veil 194734454 Marissa's big day 194734455 "B"eautiful 195493083 195493084 Classy Winter Photos do not do this one justice,The way it sparkles is something I wish I could capture in a photo. 197222831 197144735 Victorian Rose 198304203 1920's 198926515 Classy 199310662 Classy set up 199310548 Rustic and ready 199807221 black, red and white 203440845 Rustic fresh flowers 203530924 White on White on White 203528087