Baking Memories


The right cake for you....

   Cakes can come in all shape and sizes imaginable..... 

Here are some examples of size and price's.

 Please note that some prices may change due to the amount of detail added to a cake.


                  Sizes/Starting Price

Smash Cake (Meant for one)   $30.00+

Small (Feeds 6-10)                  $50.00+

Medium (Feeds 10-20)           $67.00+

Half (Feeds 20-40)                 $80.50+

Full (Feeds 40-80)                        $89.00+

2 Tiers,                          Starts at $90.00+

3 Tiers  (6' 8' 10')                  Starts at $100.00+

4 Tier and Up                        Starts at $125.00+

Shaped/Character cake     Start at $80.00 (Depends on details)

* I will also work with your pre-purchased toys (Still in box), store cake toppers and cupcake decorations.

* I only work with Marshmallow fondant and Chocolate Marshmallow fondant.

  I do taste testing for the fondant once a month only, Just let me know.

           Cake Flavors   (at this time)

          ~Chocolate             ~Vanilla            ~Strawberry(+$2.00)

          ~Yellow       ~Lemon (+$2.00)          ~Banana (+$2.00)

                    ~Marble Mix(any 2 mix)          

          * Open to suggestions :)


All prices depend on detail and what you are looking for in your cake. 

You will be given a final price when the design is agreed upon.



 Illusion cakes....

Love the look of a large wedding cake but don't need all that cake?

A Illusion cake might be just what your looking for. All Illusion cake tiers are made out of Styrofoam and is decorated like the real cake. I can also make the top tier from real cake so that you can cut into it for photos or freeze it for your anniversary.


Can you believe this is an Illusion Cake? And the top tier is real. 

Planning a reception and a open house on a different date? Use one cake for both events and pay one price! Illusion cakes travel well and last. The ideas are endless.
2 Tiers start at just $60.00
Sugar Veil ....
  Sugarveil icing is a very thin icing , which allows me to create the finest of fine icing detail, which dries and can be used as a edible modelling lace. Sugarveil has a number of fabulous silicone lace mats for use with the icing. The results are astounding and no-one will believe its edible!